Day 1 – I Miss Caffeine.

Snapchat-410825346I should have remembered starting a juice cleanse on a workday is the worst. I have decided to avoid coffee for at least two weeks. When I go back I’ll either use decaf or half calf coffees. But today no coffee means:

  1. Lots of yawning.
  2. Achy muscles.
  3. Groggy/ fuzzy feeling.

It kind of feels like a cold with aches. The first three days are the worst. I cannot wait for Milestone 1 (14 days). I will allow myself almonds and coffee. The body is a crazy thing. It knows I’m not feeding it any food, and its completely angry at me about it (i.e. the achy muscles). Food really is addicting. I know its a survival tactic built into us to help us prosper, but I’m not enjoying it currently.

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