Day 3 – Still Sluggish

20180719_141743Still going strong. I allowed myself a Tropical Smoothie Cafe smoothie with no added sugar. It was so good and I’m glad I got one. Tony keeps eating things I want. Haha!

Yesterday was rough. There was lots of free food at work. Including this awesome cake thing with chocolate frosting on top.

My psoriatic arthritis is still getting worse, but I know that happens sometimes. Its in my hip, shoulder and lower back. Tony gave me a massage this morning, but because its not muscular it still is aching. I’m keeping away from Advil this weekend, because I know it masks how I truly feel. My scalp is about the same, probably not as inflamed. The skin under my breasts is really bad right now, especially the right one. I’m still using my topicals but they are not working quickly thats for sure.

My overall energy is ok. Its not how I remember it, so I am hoping tomorrow will be better. I might go see a movie tomorrow. So that way I will have done something this weekend other then sit in the house and watch Netflix. I’m currently obsessed with documentaries.

I’m thinking I might re-watch “Forks Over Knives” tomorrow. I feel there is a lot of information I keep forgetting. Also it keeps me motivated. I might re-watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”

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