Day 4 – Popcorn is evil.

Today went really well. By really well, I mean I stuck my face in Tony’s popcorn bucket at the movie to revel in the smell of it. I resisted plucking the pieces that fell on his chest and popping them in my mouth. So all in all I did good today. It feels like a very long week. I did enjoy another smoothie from TSC. That got me through, but made me very cold in the movie. We saw Deadpool 2. I laughed a lot and it improved my overall outlook I think. Laughter really is good for the soul.Snapchat-109170100

I did get a boost of motivation/energy today which was great. I took the dog for a walk (2 miles), went to store, did the laundry, put my clothes away, cleaned the kitchen, and of course went to a movie. I’m getting tired around 11 to 11:30 and waking up in the morning is actually getting easier.

My scalp has calmed down a lot, and the patch under my boobs is slowly vacating with the use of topicals. Joint pain however is still proving stubborn. My lower back started twinging during my dog walk. It would probably be fine if I was using Advil but I want to know if the pain is there right now.

I have a Color Run this Saturday with friends. We usually go out to breakfast after. We probably still will, but maybe I can get them to go somewhere this juice. I get so jealous when I see other people enjoying a meal they can chew. First world problems am I right? =D

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