Day 5 – What can I say it’s a Monday.

It was a very long day. I was invited to a pizza party at work on Friday, that I promptly declined. Lots of co-workers asked how my juicing is going. I told them I was enjoying the energy boost, but truthfully I was more let down about the psoriatic arthritis pain in my lower back and left shoulder. My hip feels better but maybe its just over shadowed by the lower back stiffness. I made two juices today, both green, but put banana in the one evening one for a treat. Gives me something to look forward to at night… that is so sad. I’m looking forward to a banana. I can’t stop chuckling about that one.

Weigh-in will be on Day 7. I’m hopeful for a smaller number then on Day 0. Below is my favorite cold pressed juice. Beet & Cherry! You can’t even taste the beet, but I like beet so its fine either way!


My clothes are fitting better again, but my boobs are so big its really annoying me. I know women want big boobs, but they get in my way. You can always make them bigger (via bra) but you can’t make them smaller (unless you lose weight). Thank goodness for my strapless minimizer. That bra is a godsend, and stays put.

The psoriasis under my boobs is fading which is great. I’m only putting on topicals about once a day now.  My scalp is a hard flaky helmet of skin currently. I hope it starts going away soon, but I think that wish may not come true. I know it takes months to reverse the damage/reaction.

I listened to a podcast Joe Cross was on yesterday. He was really good. Not really a fan of the host. The Rich Roll Podcast #047 with Joe Cross. It reminded me that the journey is hard, and to expect it to be hard, and that it will get easier when it becomes a way a life.

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