Day 11 – I’m Really Out of Shape

Yesterday was the color run with my friends Christine and Meghan. It’s our third year 20180728_095443running it together. Last year we trained up for it. This year we did not, but I was actually really proud of the time we had. It was better then the first year when we also did not train. I was totally tortured at breakfast because their meals smelled amazing.

snapchat-1336437696Today was Michigan Adventure. I brought two juices I had frozen. I did get very hungry and ended up buying a Minute Maid OJ & Apple Juice. At least they are 100% juice. My legs hurt from yesterday and my feet hurt from today. I know my long dog walks are not doing much to keep me fit like I should be. However, when I think about it. This juicing is drastic enough. Once I’m chewing again, I’ll return to the gym.

I’m excited for weigh-in day. I need some more motivation, since my skin is not improving much. The patches under my boobs are calmed down a bit. I only use the topicals about every other day to keep it away at this point. My scalp is still a hot mess, and by that I mean it is completely flaky. I put some topicals on it on Friday, and the plaques seem to be dryer which is good, but the snow storms are making me crazy! If I’m still this sore tomorrow I might take some Advil.

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