Day 9 – Its Almost Day 10

I should have went to bed earlier last night. I’m a bit tired today. My workshop went great. I am really pleased about that. Work today was unreal on the food front. I was offered doughnuts, chocolate, chips, hamburger and hot dog today. I’m glad I haven’t cheated yet, because I am sure I would have given in again at the sight of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I am missing food alot right now. I hope it passes soon.20180730_082034

I realized today I have 46 days till the OnBase Conference in Nashville. So looks like I will only get to 55 days, before I break my reboot. That’s ok with me though.

I think I’m using too much fruit in my drinks. I may need to try all vegetable for a couple days. Sugar addition is real in any form. I love the homemade V8, but I have read “Your Healing Diet” by Deirdre Earls. I think I’m not supposed to eat nightshades.

I’m happy for the weekend. Time will fly too fast but I won’t be obsessed with food…. I hope.

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