Day 12 – I Think I Was Hit By A Mack Truck

Well, today was horrible. I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I feel like my body was hit by a Mack truck. Advil did not help, stretching did not help. I’m assuming I had way too much physical exertion in the last two days, and too much sun yesterday. I went home from work early and just laid on the couch till bed time (except to make my 20180606_212259dinner…juice).

The polish festival will be in Boyne City this weekend. The beer tent is always the biggest attraction, as well as the polish food. Not for me this year. I’m dealing with FOMO right now. Luckily the weigh in will be right before we head up state. Since yesterday I have been a little down, but that’s probably normal with exhaustion.

Every thing hurts on my body right now so I’m unsure what is arthritis and what is not. Skin is the same. Scalp is the same.

I’m looking forward to almonds on Thursday (Day 15). I wonder if my teeth will break from lack of use.

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