Day 14 – Longest Two Weeks of My Life

Weight: 2108.8

I weighed in today… and I’m down 4 pounds in one week. While those are amazing results, 20180801_104609my mood is still a bit down. Yesterday I struggled to consume 3 juices, and I definitely didn’t drink enough water.

I am having some other life issues right now which I think is bleeding into my mood.  I just feel like I have been juicing for a month even though its only been two weeks.

I bought some PH strips and they arrived today. So I will be testing my PH for the week in an attempt to be more balanced… PH wise that is. I also want to test my tap water. I have read some tap water is better then bottled.

I get to eat almonds tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. I decided to make coffee a weekend thing in an effort to make myself drink more water. We shall see if I react badly to almonds tomorrow, and whether or not they will become a daily treat.

This weekend I have a bonfire birthday party on Friday, and the Polish Festival Saturday, then the Mud Runs on Sunday. Lots of activity, which I am grateful for, but I feel I will want to have a drink when every one else is. I’m so mad I can’t have any perogies. My good friend Jeni said I could text her when I was tempted or feeling bad so I will take her up on that.

My psoriatic arthritis is getting better slowly. However I still have tightness in my left shoulder and hip. The lower back has not been bothering me which is good news. My scalp is still flaky but oozy, and the area under my breasts is doing good. I still only apply topicals occasionally. Capture



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