Day 18 – I Definitely Faltered This Weekend

Let’s recap this weekend.

Friday (16) – The child’s birthday party – I did well, and luckily I did not feel I was missing snapchat-1939900604out on too much. Just a bunch of adults standing around being bored. I also ate several hand fulls of almonds & cashews. I also had a TSC smoothie for the trip up.

Saturday (17) – The Polish Festival parade was fun to watch. I collected the candy they threw for the boys. However, when we went shopping at the vendor tents, I bought some Praline Cashews. They tasted like heaven.  I also ate a lot of almonds/cashews for a snack that night. Don’t google what happens when you eat too many cashews… it isn’t pretty.

Sunday (18) – I was tortured by french toast, pizza, and chips today. I did good but once again, I ate too many nuts. We went to the mud runs, and it was fun to watch.

20180806_130907I am going to take a break from nuts. I’m having trouble saying no to them, so I need to stop eating them at all till after Day 21. I am already worried my weekly motivation of weight loss will be usurped by nuts.

Scalp = the same

Joints = the same, but maybe slightly improved.

Under Boobs = still there but not getting worse.

I did not use any topicals this weekend. Mostly because we were busy and I forgot. I’m trying to figure out what I should give myself for reaching day 30. I would really love some baked sweet potato fries. I think that is what I will give myself for Day 30. I was hoping for more results by almost 20 days in.

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