Day 19 – I ate no nuts!

Today was rough. I didn’t fall asleep till 1:30 last night so I was dragging all day at work. Nothing is better then having multiple co-workers ask if I feel ok during the day. Meaning, I looked like crap too. I went home after work and had a two hour nap. That felt really nice.

Then I juiced, and watched TV the rest of the night. However, I did not eat any nuts today! I am still getting rid of all the nuts from Thursday-Sunday I think. I hope its coming to an end soon.tired_nurse_head_on_desk

I have about another week till I hit the half way mark. I’m glad Monday is over. I have not had any coffee either so far in the last 19 days. I was thinking about starting to drink it again last week, but I figure I’m doing fine without it, why start again.

Scalp – still gross and flaky.

Joints – feeling less stiff!

Under Boob – stagnant.

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