Day 22 – I’m Moving Forward

20180809_162825I had a really productive day at work today. Which really helped my overall mood. I drank lemon water through out the day which really helps with hunger I realized. My stomach would growl, and I would take a sip of hot lemon water and then I would not feel hungry anymore. These canteen bottles really keep the beverage stay hot/warm all day!

I took the dog for a long walk tonight. I had to take notice that my psoriatic arthritis is going away. I am no longer stiff in the morning. When I walk the dog, I no longer get random nerve pain either. 20180807_161623

I am really enjoying the brand Humm and their kombucha. I bought a couple different flavors and will try them, but the blueberry mint is spectacular.

My scalp is still a nightmare.

The stuff under my boobs is a lighter pink today, and not painful. I am still putting the topical on it about every other day.

I’m still going to look into a nutritionist tomorrow, but I feel better overall.

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