Day 23 – TGIF & 1 Week till Day 30!

I have peed a lot today. Yet I have not had more to drink then normal. This definitely makes me think I was retaining water from the almonds. I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning, and see the difference between Wednesday morning and Saturday. I may need to add some unsalted almonds to my bag of nuts to lower the salt. There is quite a lot of extra chili lime seasoning at the bottom that would love to meet some naked almonds I’m sure.

I have to get a referral from my doctor to see a nutritionist. She wants to do a physical and of course there are no appointments until next week. Which means getting to the nutritionist is going to take more then a week probably.

I cannot believe I am a week away from Day 30. Its kind of crazy. Time started to move a lot quicker after the two week mark.

I have been trying to stay clear of fruit smoothies and my lovely Beetology the last several days as well. I have a couple Trader Joe 100% Fruit smoothies in the fridge, but I am going to try to be more stingy with them.Lifehack-Green-Smoothie-Quote

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