Day 24 – Tortured in Heaven

Today was a great day. However I was tortured. I got to swim in this amazing pool this 20180811_2010550evening. I took the dog for a walk, and then went to enjoy a great day. The torture was looking at the amazing Papa Murphy’s pizzas they were eating, my husband included. Also they were enjoying Old Fashion’s by the pool. I love drinking while in a pool. Drinking aside, the food smelled amazing of course, and Sandor kept trying me to eat some of it. I had brought snapchat-398754055juice of course but I retreated to the pool while they ate to not even tempt myself. I did so well, that when I got home I ate a lot of almonds. I finished off my bag which I’m actually glad I did. I’m going to stick with unsalted/roasted from now on. The flavored ones are too addicting.

All in all it was a good day of relaxation and some athleticism. My scalp and skin are doing about the same. Joints too.

I did weigh myself as well this morning. I was down to 206.4. I am definitely going to try to stay clear of almonds with salt.

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