Day 25 – Way To Go Skunk!

Wow. This day was not a good day in overall. It started out20180812_133531 like any other Sunday. My wonderful husband gave me a massage, and then I made an amazing mango green juice today that tasted awesome! I drank water and stayed away from almonds (because I ate them all yesterday).

I took my puppers to get her nails trimmed at Petsmart, 20180812_230454she is always a monster for them. Then I met up with my friend Christine to walk the Shaggy Pines Dog Park. It was an all around gorgeous day and not too hot.

With the dog totally pooped from all the dog park fun, I took a nice 3 hour nap. I woke feeling refreshed and played games on my phone a little bit. Watched Sharp Objects with my husband around 9, and then the dog got skunked at 10! It was a total shit show after that. The house stinks, my purse stinks. I keep asking everyone if I smell bad. What a nightmare. I have been so diligent this summer, but my loving husband let her out to do her business and didn’t check for skunks first….. All that diligence for nothing. Thanks honey.

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