Day 28 – Gym Date with Christine & 4 Week Mark

Weight: 204

Today is a pretty good day! I lost 5 pounds from last week,20180815_1217591.jpg and a total of 25.4 pounds in 4 weeks. Wow that is amazing. It was not easy however. My BMI is 32.9. I have too lose 20 more pounds to no longer be in the “obese” category. To get in the “normal” category I have to lose 50 pounds. I’m not sure that is possible for my body type LOL.

CaptureChristine and I went hiking tonight at Wahlfield. The highlighted is the path we walked. It is usually a bike trail, but their walking path is super short. This takes us about 1.5 hours when we are out of shape like now.

I usually do not feel as tired as I did last night after walking Wahlfield. Another reason I need to get back to a gym.

I had to go to the store after the walk last night. When I got home I just wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing.

I also did a “treatment” on my scalp. Meaning I used olive oil with tea tree essential oil in it and let it sit for while. Then I washed it out and applied my heavy duty topical steroid to my head. I think I’ll do it again in a couple days to give it a one to punch.


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