Day 32 – Lazy Sweet Potato Fry Day

Today I ate a batch of sweet potato fries. They were very good, but I have low 20180819_181922expectations now. I used one organic sweet potato and one non-organic. I noticed that some of the fries were softer then others. I’m unsure which one did what, but they were still great!

My arms are sore from the push-ups on the bike yesterday. Tuesday I will do some weights at the gym. Tony said he wants to go with me, but we shall see if he has motivation after a long day at work.

Tomorrow, I will stick to only juice and maybe a nut snack. Probably will do the same for Tuesday. I want to flush out everything. I still want to lose weight each week. I will probably stick to only juice on days I do not work out at all.

Joints: Still feel good. No more pain/stiffness in the morning.

Scalp: Lots of flaking today. I did another oil treatment yesterday. Also, I started using the lower dose steroid my doctor gave me. My scalp does not seem as angry and inflamed though.

Under Boobs: I have been using the new tube of Desonide. The area is also calming down, only a couple red spots under there.

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