Day 33 – Hopeful, but Trying Not to Jinx It

It is Monday again. I said yesterday I was going to try to juice all day, but I failed at that. I20180820_191535 made some Green Detox soup. I really enjoyed it. I added some Worcestershire to it, but it was amazing. I did not fully blend it, but left it partially chunky. The recipe is located here.

Today my scalp is so much better. I’m unsure if its the new topical, the oil treatment, or the diet at this point. All I know is I washed and dried my hair this morning, yet I am not producing a snow storm. I am very hopeful this will stick around, but I don’t want to get too confident and jinx it.

I did notice I had constant drainage yesterday. I’m sure it had to do with the butter/piece of cheese I had on Saturday, but I have no idea. Maybe the bite of bread/glutton, or was it night shade vegetables in the gazpacho. I may make gazpacho next week and then see if I have drainage again.

I think I’m retaining water. I did not pee a lot today. I’m going to focus on drinking a lot of water tomorrow.


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