Day 35 – Uhhggg

Weight: 205.8

Well, I gained almost two pounds. I was hoping it was mostly because I was eating 20180823_071129vegetables instead of only juicing them. Meaning I would have more waste in my system. I also feel this might be a little plateau again. I finished off my leftover soup tonight. I am not making another soup until next week. I’ll weigh myself again on Saturday and hope for a better result. I may have been consuming too much salt as well. There was some in the soup and my nuts have some salt as well. I’m going to go strict for a couple days and limit my salt.screenshot_20180823-095505_samsung-health

I went for a really long walk tonight as well with Christine. It was only supposed to be 2.8 miles but ended up doing 4.69 miles because we accidentally went the wrong way on a loop.

My scalp is breaking out in a couple places on top of my head. I took a shower after I scratched them all off, and still no snow storm. I’m sad it broke out in a couple spots, but no snow storm after a shower is a major accomplishment.2018-08-23_9-58-50

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