Day 39 – Good Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend. I hopped on the scale on Saturday and I was down twoimg_20180825_193344_969 pounds. I decided to go to gym since I knew Tony and I were going to Linear for dinner. I also walked the dog for about 30 minutes. My legs were dead. I ran on the treadmill about 10 of my 20 minutes, and did some dead lifts. The food at Linear was really good. I did have dessert this time. Everyone on Yelp was raving about the cherry bread pudding so I had to try it. For dinner I had the beet gnocchi. Appetizer was seafood stew and tuna tartar. All really good. No alcohol of course still. I miss liquor.


Sunday was a lazy day. I took the dog on another long walk. I had some quinoa, and nuts, along with juice today. My husband also bought me some bone conduction headphones. These things are amazing! I had earbud because they always fall out of my ears when I start sweating, and headphones are too hot. The sound is spectacular for not actually being in your ears!snapchat-16009153181

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