Day 40 – I Feel Lost In A Desert Too

Today was my appointment with a Registered Nutritionist. I cannot tell you how Snapchat-301513533disappointed I am with that appointment. This girl was straight out of college, and had no idea how to treat psoriasis with diet. It’s very frustrating. All she wanted to do was feed me all the information she learned in college. I should have expected this from an HMO doctor/RN.

I kind of gave up after that train wreck of a doctor visit. I had soup for lunch, and hummus with cucumbers for dinner. Which would have been great, but then I had some glutton free granola, a Oh Goodness bar (granola w/ chocolate & fruit), and some bean chips. I know ate way too much salt today. I will not be having any salt tomorrow. My motivation is waning. Only 15 more days till my work conference. The boys are coming to visit this Thursday, and I know its going to be horrendous for me and my diet.

My scalp has broken out again a bit, but not as bad as it was before. No snow storm but the spots that are there are angry.

My joints still feel good.

The stuff under my boobs has cleared up and has not bothered me in about 4 days.

I have only used my topicals on my head once this week.

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