Day 42 – Taking A Day… or Two Off

Weight: 205.8

20180829_160536.jpgI decided I needed a couple days off from juicing. I still drank some juice this morning snapchat-1522130209but I had a Girls Pint Out event tonight, and decided I would have some beer. Monday is still bothering me and I wanted to just eat a bit more normal. I am still eating mostly all plant based (I did have some meat sauce on my zoodles yesterday), and I have been eating some healthy snacks, and salads.

snapchat-2113792555My weight stayed the same which I am actually pretty happy about considering the fact that I am eating solid food every day and some of it will be water weight and food waste.

My scalp is not good today. I did an oil treatment and the skin is coming off in big chunks. Gross I know.

My body and joints feel really good though.

The stuff under my boobs is a little irritated, but not bad.



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