Why Do Dogs Hate Yoga?


My husband and I did yoga again last night. Kaly, our fur baby, is less then thrilled we are in her domain(the floor), and ignoring her at the same time. During a child’s pose Kaly poked her head under my husband’s arm and started whining. Its hard to relax and find your center when you laughing at her cuteness.

I find myself missing snacking a lot, but this tire around my waist is a good reminder of what that leads to. Certain poses in yoga make me painfully aware of it. I miss my clothes I can’t fit in currently, and the leggings that look gross on me currently. I’m not one of those people that likes to torture other people’s eyes with my thighs. LOL

  • 30 days of gym/workout – Day 5
  • 30 days of food logging – Day 3
  • 30 days of weighing myself – Day 4

Current Weight: 238.0

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