Humans Are Not Baby Cows

My friend, Christine, and I have a friend gym date night every Wednesday. It is usually walking on the treadmill and chitchatting about whats happened since we talked last. Followed by a leg workout, and some stretching.


I read a great article by Forks Over Knives. It’s about how bad dairy is for you. People really get upset when you tell them how bad dairy is for you. I also tell all my friends, “You are not a baby cow! You do not need to eat baby cow food!” I know I’m such a fun friend. LOL. I don’t know about you but I’m not trying to gain 71 to 75 pounds per month like baby cows are, which is exactly what baby cow food is designed for. Anywho, the article is below if you want to check it out. I still eat dairy occasionally. I mean who can give up cheese forever? Certainly not me. However, I have cut my consumption way down. Cheese is a treat not a staple.


“7 Ways Milk and Dairy Products Are Making You Sick” By Sofia Pineda Ochoa, MD, March 19, 2016

  • 30 days of gym/workout – Day 6
  • 30 days of food logging – Day 4
  • 30 days of weighing myself – Day 5

Current Weight: 237.8


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