Weight loss is so slow…..

I am grateful that I am losing every day, but results are so slow. Why is it, that one week of dieting/watching what I eat and exercising seems 10 times longer then what it really is. I have only been doing this a week, and it feels like 3 weeks. My losses are consistent with healthy weight loss, but juicing made me lose 15 my first week. So 3.4 seems dismal, when in reality that is really good for a first week normal diet.

I have to remember, when I do lose most of this weight, to not let myself backslide like this again. It’s horrid to relose weight you already lost once.

  • 30 days of gym/workout – Day 7
  • 30 days of food logging – Day 5
  • 30 days of weighing myself – Day 6

Current Weight: 237.6

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