Meal Prep – I Would Fail Without It

I decided I was going to cook my lunch and dinner for the week. For lunch, I was eating canned soup, and decided it would be better to avoid all that sodium and make my own soup. Last night I started with my dinner for the week however, Aloo Gobhi. I love love love Indian food, and curry of all kinds. My only regret, is that I wish I had cooked the cauliflower less. I should have run the instant pot for a minute. Luckily, the potatoes give it stronger texture. I ate a whole bowl of this yummy stuff for about 200 calories. I got full and lazy after my dinner and will work on my soup tonight. So I will just have to have my dinner for lunch, and soup for dinner! I love my instant pot so much!


Aloo Gobhi – Instant Pot

  • 30 days of gym/workout – Day 10 (missed 2)
  • 30 days of food logging – Day 8
  • 30 days of weighing myself – Day 9

Current Weight: 235.6

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