Day 31 – Food tastes so good.

I started my morning with an hour of spin class. Mostly so I could feel good about having dinner. I drank a green smoothie from Trader Joes after, and a hand full of nuts later to tie me over.

Dinner was great. We went to Leo’s. I forget how dated their menu is but its still really good. I had gazpacho, seafood cakes (they were so tiny), and halibut. Tony had King crab legs, which he let me have several bites of. It was all so very very good.


Day 30 – I Made It!

I am so happy I made it to day 30. I am now no longer doing juice only. I still may have days where I only drink juice, but I’m now giving myself the option to eat plant based items occasionally. I am going to have fish this weekend, which I will eat rarely. I may incorporate some grains or beans rarely too (i.e. quinoa, lentils, ect.) I’m going to still stay away from wheat/glutton.

My husband is very excited he can go out to eat with me again. Going out is one of his favorite things. This last 30 days has been very hard on him. LOL.

Day 28 – Gym Date with Christine & 4 Week Mark

Weight: 204

Today is a pretty good day! I lost 5 pounds from last week,20180815_1217591.jpg and a total of 25.4 pounds in 4 weeks. Wow that is amazing. It was not easy however. My BMI is 32.9. I have too lose 20 more pounds to no longer be in the “obese” category. To get in the “normal” category I have to lose 50 pounds. I’m not sure that is possible for my body type LOL.

CaptureChristine and I went hiking tonight at Wahlfield. The highlighted is the path we walked. It is usually a bike trail, but their walking path is super short. This takes us about 1.5 hours when we are out of shape like now.

I usually do not feel as tired as I did last night after walking Wahlfield. Another reason I need to get back to a gym.

I had to go to the store after the walk last night. When I got home I just wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing.

I also did a “treatment” on my scalp. Meaning I used olive oil with tea tree essential oil in it and let it sit for while. Then I washed it out and applied my heavy duty topical steroid to my head. I think I’ll do it again in a couple days to give it a one to punch.


Day 27 – Doctor Visit

My scalp is flaring again. Uhhhgggg. The oozing is starting again.snapchat-1450074007

However, I did have my physical with my primary care doctor so I could get a referral to a nutritionist. It went really well. I asked for a scalp topical that was less strong. Even though its flaring I’m hoping it will help but not be the reason my scalp is clearing.

I was given a Tetnis shot and my arm is sore. Booooo.

The stuff under my boobs is angry too. My joints seem ok. They seem about the same.

Its been pretty boring both yesterday and today. I took a dog for a walk when I got home, but I am painfully aware that my bod is not toned. After Day 30 I think I will start to do some strength training. There is a 30 Day squat challenge I want to try. Capture9




Day 25 – Way To Go Skunk!

Wow. This day was not a good day in overall. It started out20180812_133531 like any other Sunday. My wonderful husband gave me a massage, and then I made an amazing mango green juice today that tasted awesome! I drank water and stayed away from almonds (because I ate them all yesterday).

I took my puppers to get her nails trimmed at Petsmart, 20180812_230454she is always a monster for them. Then I met up with my friend Christine to walk the Shaggy Pines Dog Park. It was an all around gorgeous day and not too hot.

With the dog totally pooped from all the dog park fun, I took a nice 3 hour nap. I woke feeling refreshed and played games on my phone a little bit. Watched Sharp Objects with my husband around 9, and then the dog got skunked at 10! It was a total shit show after that. The house stinks, my purse stinks. I keep asking everyone if I smell bad. What a nightmare. I have been so diligent this summer, but my loving husband let her out to do her business and didn’t check for skunks first….. All that diligence for nothing. Thanks honey.

Day 24 – Tortured in Heaven

Today was a great day. However I was tortured. I got to swim in this amazing pool this 20180811_2010550evening. I took the dog for a walk, and then went to enjoy a great day. The torture was looking at the amazing Papa Murphy’s pizzas they were eating, my husband included. Also they were enjoying Old Fashion’s by the pool. I love drinking while in a pool. Drinking aside, the food smelled amazing of course, and Sandor kept trying me to eat some of it. I had brought snapchat-398754055juice of course but I retreated to the pool while they ate to not even tempt myself. I did so well, that when I got home I ate a lot of almonds. I finished off my bag which I’m actually glad I did. I’m going to stick with unsalted/roasted from now on. The flavored ones are too addicting.

All in all it was a good day of relaxation and some athleticism. My scalp and skin are doing about the same. Joints too.

I did weigh myself as well this morning. I was down to 206.4. I am definitely going to try to stay clear of almonds with salt.

Day 23 – TGIF & 1 Week till Day 30!

I have peed a lot today. Yet I have not had more to drink then normal. This definitely makes me think I was retaining water from the almonds. I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning, and see the difference between Wednesday morning and Saturday. I may need to add some unsalted almonds to my bag of nuts to lower the salt. There is quite a lot of extra chili lime seasoning at the bottom that would love to meet some naked almonds I’m sure.

I have to get a referral from my doctor to see a nutritionist. She wants to do a physical and of course there are no appointments until next week. Which means getting to the nutritionist is going to take more then a week probably.

I cannot believe I am a week away from Day 30. Its kind of crazy. Time started to move a lot quicker after the two week mark.

I have been trying to stay clear of fruit smoothies and my lovely Beetology the last several days as well. I have a couple Trader Joe 100% Fruit smoothies in the fridge, but I am going to try to be more stingy with them.Lifehack-Green-Smoothie-Quote