Day 22 – I’m Moving Forward

20180809_162825I had a really productive day at work today. Which really helped my overall mood. I drank lemon water through out the day which really helps with hunger I realized. My stomach would growl, and I would take a sip of hot lemon water and then I would not feel hungry anymore. These canteen bottles really keep the beverage stay hot/warm all day!

I took the dog for a long walk tonight. I had to take notice that my psoriatic arthritis is going away. I am no longer stiff in the morning. When I walk the dog, I no longer get random nerve pain either. 20180807_161623

I am really enjoying the brand Humm and their kombucha. I bought a couple different flavors and will try them, but the blueberry mint is spectacular.

My scalp is still a nightmare.

The stuff under my boobs is a lighter pink today, and not painful. I am still putting the topical on it about every other day.

I’m still going to look into a nutritionist tomorrow, but I feel better overall.

Day 21 – 3 Weeks In

Weight: 209

Well my weigh in was not what I thought it would be. I think it may be salt from my 20180808_093939almonds. So I’m going to cut almonds completely, and weigh in on Sunday (Day 25).

I am at 209. Only lost about 1.5 pounds this week according to the scale. Which I know is normal weight loss, but not I was expecting. I was expecting at least double.

I started drinking warm water with lemon in the morning. I also did the Candida spit test this morning and I had tendrils that were coming down from the spit. Supposedly this means I may have yeast overgrowth, but its not really scientific. I may need to actually go see a nutritionist or dietitian for some real answers I guess.

Day 20 – I Survived, and Stayed Alive

Today was really tempting. I had a Girls Pint Out event that Christine and Meghan20180807_200908 wanted to attend. I attended and brought along a TSC smoothie to Perrin Brewing Company. Their food smelled amazing. One lady got the nachos, and I almost fainted from desire. I miss beer as well, but I miss food more. I did allow myself to have almonds because I walked the dog for about 30 minutes, and I was mentally tortured yet persevered.

I’m getting very discouraged. I’m not seeing much progress at this time. My scalp is covered at the moment, and the flakes are not slowing down. I’m debating going to a nutritionist. I read that I could have a yeast overgrowth called Candida. I am going to do a spit test tomorrow morning, and I will let you know. If I do have Candida, then I need to stay away from fruits since they feed it.

I have committed to at least 30 days, and I plan on sticking with it. My joints are not stiff in the morning which is good, but I was really hoping for more skin improvement at this point. I feel like I have none.

Day 19 – I ate no nuts!

Today was rough. I didn’t fall asleep till 1:30 last night so I was dragging all day at work. Nothing is better then having multiple co-workers ask if I feel ok during the day. Meaning, I looked like crap too. I went home after work and had a two hour nap. That felt really nice.

Then I juiced, and watched TV the rest of the night. However, I did not eat any nuts today! I am still getting rid of all the nuts from Thursday-Sunday I think. I hope its coming to an end soon.tired_nurse_head_on_desk

I have about another week till I hit the half way mark. I’m glad Monday is over. I have not had any coffee either so far in the last 19 days. I was thinking about starting to drink it again last week, but I figure I’m doing fine without it, why start again.

Scalp – still gross and flaky.

Joints – feeling less stiff!

Under Boob – stagnant.

Day 18 – I Definitely Faltered This Weekend

Let’s recap this weekend.

Friday (16) – The child’s birthday party – I did well, and luckily I did not feel I was missing snapchat-1939900604out on too much. Just a bunch of adults standing around being bored. I also ate several hand fulls of almonds & cashews. I also had a TSC smoothie for the trip up.

Saturday (17) – The Polish Festival parade was fun to watch. I collected the candy they threw for the boys. However, when we went shopping at the vendor tents, I bought some Praline Cashews. They tasted like heaven.  I also ate a lot of almonds/cashews for a snack that night. Don’t google what happens when you eat too many cashews… it isn’t pretty.

Sunday (18) – I was tortured by french toast, pizza, and chips today. I did good but once again, I ate too many nuts. We went to the mud runs, and it was fun to watch.

20180806_130907I am going to take a break from nuts. I’m having trouble saying no to them, so I need to stop eating them at all till after Day 21. I am already worried my weekly motivation of weight loss will be usurped by nuts.

Scalp = the same

Joints = the same, but maybe slightly improved.

Under Boobs = still there but not getting worse.

I did not use any topicals this weekend. Mostly because we were busy and I forgot. I’m trying to figure out what I should give myself for reaching day 30. I would really love some baked sweet potato fries. I think that is what I will give myself for Day 30. I was hoping for more results by almost 20 days in.

Day 15 – Oh Nuts

I’m pretty sure I overdid it on the almonds today, but they tasted soooooo good. Oh well, I 20180802_110332will do better with my proportions tomorrow. I deserve it after not cheating once for two weeks don’t I?

My mood is better today. I had to make 6 portions of juice for this weekend to take with me to Boyne City. Olivia made pudding shots, which I introduced to her about a month ago. So its my own fault I will be tortured with those. Its going to be a long weekend, but short as well. Its going to be very hot, maybe we will go to the beach off Lake Charlevoix.

Everything is about the same  on all fronts in regards to my psoriasis.

Tomorrow is Friday! I am excited about that.

Day 14 – Longest Two Weeks of My Life

Weight: 2108.8

I weighed in today… and I’m down 4 pounds in one week. While those are amazing results, 20180801_104609my mood is still a bit down. Yesterday I struggled to consume 3 juices, and I definitely didn’t drink enough water.

I am having some other life issues right now which I think is bleeding into my mood.  I just feel like I have been juicing for a month even though its only been two weeks.

I bought some PH strips and they arrived today. So I will be testing my PH for the week in an attempt to be more balanced… PH wise that is. I also want to test my tap water. I have read some tap water is better then bottled.

I get to eat almonds tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. I decided to make coffee a weekend thing in an effort to make myself drink more water. We shall see if I react badly to almonds tomorrow, and whether or not they will become a daily treat.

This weekend I have a bonfire birthday party on Friday, and the Polish Festival Saturday, then the Mud Runs on Sunday. Lots of activity, which I am grateful for, but I feel I will want to have a drink when every one else is. I’m so mad I can’t have any perogies. My good friend Jeni said I could text her when I was tempted or feeling bad so I will take her up on that.

My psoriatic arthritis is getting better slowly. However I still have tightness in my left shoulder and hip. The lower back has not been bothering me which is good news. My scalp is still flaky but oozy, and the area under my breasts is doing good. I still only apply topicals occasionally. Capture