Day 39 – Good Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend. I hopped on the scale on Saturday and I was down twoimg_20180825_193344_969 pounds. I decided to go to gym since I knew Tony and I were going to Linear for dinner. I also walked the dog for about 30 minutes. My legs were dead. I ran on the treadmill about 10 of my 20 minutes, and did some dead lifts. The food at Linear was really good. I did have dessert this time. Everyone on Yelp was raving about the cherry bread pudding so I had to try it. For dinner I had the beet gnocchi. Appetizer was seafood stew and tuna tartar. All really good. No alcohol of course still. I miss liquor.


Sunday was a lazy day. I took the dog on another long walk. I had some quinoa, and nuts, along with juice today. My husband also bought me some bone conduction headphones. These things are amazing! I had earbud because they always fall out of my ears when I start sweating, and headphones are too hot. The sound is spectacular for not actually being in your ears!snapchat-16009153181

Day 35 – Uhhggg

Weight: 205.8

Well, I gained almost two pounds. I was hoping it was mostly because I was eating 20180823_071129vegetables instead of only juicing them. Meaning I would have more waste in my system. I also feel this might be a little plateau again. I finished off my leftover soup tonight. I am not making another soup until next week. I’ll weigh myself again on Saturday and hope for a better result. I may have been consuming too much salt as well. There was some in the soup and my nuts have some salt as well. I’m going to go strict for a couple days and limit my salt.screenshot_20180823-095505_samsung-health

I went for a really long walk tonight as well with Christine. It was only supposed to be 2.8 miles but ended up doing 4.69 miles because we accidentally went the wrong way on a loop.

My scalp is breaking out in a couple places on top of my head. I took a shower after I scratched them all off, and still no snow storm. I’m sad it broke out in a couple spots, but no snow storm after a shower is a major accomplishment.2018-08-23_9-58-50

Day 33 – Hopeful, but Trying Not to Jinx It

It is Monday again. I said yesterday I was going to try to juice all day, but I failed at that. I20180820_191535 made some Green Detox soup. I really enjoyed it. I added some Worcestershire to it, but it was amazing. I did not fully blend it, but left it partially chunky. The recipe is located here.

Today my scalp is so much better. I’m unsure if its the new topical, the oil treatment, or the diet at this point. All I know is I washed and dried my hair this morning, yet I am not producing a snow storm. I am very hopeful this will stick around, but I don’t want to get too confident and jinx it.

I did notice I had constant drainage yesterday. I’m sure it had to do with the butter/piece of cheese I had on Saturday, but I have no idea. Maybe the bite of bread/glutton, or was it night shade vegetables in the gazpacho. I may make gazpacho next week and then see if I have drainage again.

I think I’m retaining water. I did not pee a lot today. I’m going to focus on drinking a lot of water tomorrow.


Day 32 – Lazy Sweet Potato Fry Day

Today I ate a batch of sweet potato fries. They were very good, but I have low 20180819_181922expectations now. I used one organic sweet potato and one non-organic. I noticed that some of the fries were softer then others. I’m unsure which one did what, but they were still great!

My arms are sore from the push-ups on the bike yesterday. Tuesday I will do some weights at the gym. Tony said he wants to go with me, but we shall see if he has motivation after a long day at work.

Tomorrow, I will stick to only juice and maybe a nut snack. Probably will do the same for Tuesday. I want to flush out everything. I still want to lose weight each week. I will probably stick to only juice on days I do not work out at all.

Joints: Still feel good. No more pain/stiffness in the morning.

Scalp: Lots of flaking today. I did another oil treatment yesterday. Also, I started using the lower dose steroid my doctor gave me. My scalp does not seem as angry and inflamed though.

Under Boobs: I have been using the new tube of Desonide. The area is also calming down, only a couple red spots under there.

Day 31 – Food tastes so good.

I started my morning with an hour of spin class. Mostly so I could feel good about having dinner. I drank a green smoothie from Trader Joes after, and a hand full of nuts later to tie me over.

Dinner was great. We went to Leo’s. I forget how dated their menu is but its still really good. I had gazpacho, seafood cakes (they were so tiny), and halibut. Tony had King crab legs, which he let me have several bites of. It was all so very very good.


Day 30 – I Made It!

I am so happy I made it to day 30. I am now no longer doing juice only. I still may have days where I only drink juice, but I’m now giving myself the option to eat plant based items occasionally. I am going to have fish this weekend, which I will eat rarely. I may incorporate some grains or beans rarely too (i.e. quinoa, lentils, ect.) I’m going to still stay away from wheat/glutton.

My husband is very excited he can go out to eat with me again. Going out is one of his favorite things. This last 30 days has been very hard on him. LOL.

Day 28 – Gym Date with Christine & 4 Week Mark

Weight: 204

Today is a pretty good day! I lost 5 pounds from last week,20180815_1217591.jpg and a total of 25.4 pounds in 4 weeks. Wow that is amazing. It was not easy however. My BMI is 32.9. I have too lose 20 more pounds to no longer be in the “obese” category. To get in the “normal” category I have to lose 50 pounds. I’m not sure that is possible for my body type LOL.

CaptureChristine and I went hiking tonight at Wahlfield. The highlighted is the path we walked. It is usually a bike trail, but their walking path is super short. This takes us about 1.5 hours when we are out of shape like now.

I usually do not feel as tired as I did last night after walking Wahlfield. Another reason I need to get back to a gym.

I had to go to the store after the walk last night. When I got home I just wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing.

I also did a “treatment” on my scalp. Meaning I used olive oil with tea tree essential oil in it and let it sit for while. Then I washed it out and applied my heavy duty topical steroid to my head. I think I’ll do it again in a couple days to give it a one to punch.